Korea Casinos

Korea Casinos

If you think that Korea has nothing much to offer for gambling travelers, then you have not heard about the awesome Korea casinos. Unlike some other Asian countries, the casinos of South Korea are not restricted to just one city. They also have a decent number of casinos and this means you really have a lot to choose from. Gambling in Asia, especially in South Korea, is exciting!

So I started my Korean gambling spree in Busan and here you have two casinos to indulge you; Paradise Busan Hotel & Casino and Seven Luck (7Luck) Casino - Lotte Hotel Busan. The Paradise Busan Casino is the best place to start in South Korea because this is just less than an hour away from the Kimhae International Airport. Not only do you get to enjoy top class gambling here you also get to take in the breath taking views as it is located near the Haeundae Beach. Well, I do not have much to complain about when it comes to accommodation and food, because they do, do a great job with service. This is the only South Korea casino that plays host to Baccarat tournaments but you have to plan ahead if you want to be a part of it. It is a pretty decent casino that has games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slots, video poker and other table games.

Next stop for me in South Korea was Cheju-do Island and God I had a tough time making the locals understand what I was talking about. But once you hit the Cheju KAL Hotel & Continental Casino you should not have any trouble as the staff can easily guide international tourists. The Korean casinos that you will find in this locality are Cheju Shilla Hotel Casino, Crowne Plaza Casino Cheju. Jeju Oriental Hotel, Lotte Hotel and Casino, Paradise Grand Casino and T.H.E. Hotel & Vegas Casino. There is a lot of gambling action going on in this part of South Korea and you wouldn’t find it hard to be put up in a hotel even if you do not have booked in advance.

Don’t confuse Pusan with Busan. Pusan has just one Korea casino and that is Arirang Pusan Hotel Casino. There are two more casinos in Incheon namely; Casino Hotel Olympos and Golden Gate Casino. Unfortunately I couldn’t squeeze up a visit to these two Korea casinos, so I have noted down these casinos for my next visit.

Finally it was Seoul for me. Here I had the time to step into the Paradise Walker- Hill Casino Sheraton Hotel and I should say that it was not a bad experience at all. The food is great, entertainment was actually good and the rooms were just perfect. The Korea casino has just about all the casino games that you would find in a Vegas casino. There still are many more Korean casinos that I have not yet discovered and going back to South Korea for a good gambling vacation is not a bad idea at all. The people are warm and friendly, the service is always good and the atmosphere is full of fun.

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